A Smarter Window System Full of Energy

houseVitrius’ patented and proprietary technologies transform legacy window and fenestration products of today into the smart energy systems of tomorrow. Through world-class innovation and engineering capabilities, our R-Series products not only retain energy, but create it. We further advance the profiles of our systems through our patented ArcClad process that applies metal for greater strength and architectural value, while sustainably reducing nearly 80% of metal used in traditional roll-form framing process.

All commercial glass contains elements to provide them better efficiency. Our proprietary system further energizes these elements to create radiant heat for the spaces we live and work in.

Intellectual Property

Our intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets we have and allows us to continue to be pioneers in the industry. Our inventions and ideas are the culmination of many years of innovation, experimentation and hard work made possible through significant financial investment. The lengths we go to protect our intellectual property ensure that we will be able to deliver valuable, transformative customer solutions around the world for years to come.

Our intellectual property portfolio protects every phase of our technology, including methods, processes, the systems we use, and the activities we undertake to produce products.