Enertiv Energy Monitoring System


Enertiv’s solution consists of proprietary hardware, manufactured in the US, web-based monitoring and analytical software and integration services, all tailored  to help you reduce building’s energy consumption. Enertiv’s hardware has the ability to monitor how much electricity each circuit in your building is using in real time.

Enertiv’s software quickly analyzes and graphs this information, which is instantly available online. This comprehensive system groups circuits into categories like equipment type and location, showing you electricity consumption for each part of your building and your entire facility. High precision and granularity of this information allows monitoring of individual equipment, showing its run times, electricity use and associated cost. Once our system is installed, you can look at any time period from multiple years down to one minute.


Enertiv provides all tools needed to build customized step-by-step energy saving programs to help our clients arrive at their energy saving goal. The major advantages of Enertiv system include:

  • Consumption data on every level: outlets, machines/appliances, rooms, floors, and the entire buildinContinuous monitoring of all circuits
  • Local and remote data storage
  • Real-time data available anywhere
  • Easy to use analytical toolsCustom reporting with real insight
  • Free software updates to stay ahead of the curve