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CoreComposite Framing Technology

The most thermally-efficient window substrate in the market.

CoreComposite is a revolutionary material that offers industry leading thermal performance, the strength of metal, and advantages of a maintenance free window and door system.

This solid-core material is a blend of thermoplastic alloy resins that includes both PVC and acrylic-based polymers. The unique compound  provides a very stable material in any environment.  Simply put CoreComposite was engineering to last.

The Glass houseCoreComposite Offers these advantages compared to other profile materials:

  • CoreComposite is Impervious to rot
  • CoreComposite does not absorb moisture
  • CoreComposite is corrosion proof
  • CoreComposite is dent and scratch resistant
  • CoreComposite is impervious to insect damage
  • CoreComposite has superior screw retention
  • CoreComposite systems come with a Life-Time profile warranty

When using Vitrius’ smart, dynamic window systems with CoreComposite, you will never have to worry about the profiles cracking, peeling, chipping, or chalking.  The ultra strong outer surface offers superior durability compared to other profile materials. The outer surfaces are fusion bonded to the substrate during a co-extrusion process, and utilize a heat reflective color technology developed by Quanex Building Products, know as SuperCap. This durable finish is 466% thicker than industry standard paint and baked coatings, and outperforms kynar and automotive finishes. In categories of scratch, abrasion, and pencil hardness testing according to ASTM D3363 & ASTM D4060, SuperCap is 12x harder than competitive paint coatings, 5x harder than kynar finishes, and 2x harder than automotive finishes  (>9H vs 2H and 4H-6H). SuperCap also exceeds AAMA 615 standards for outdoor exposure in the most extreme environments, including coastal areas with high salinity. The specially formulated outer cap and reflects approximately 76-80% of IR radiation, compared to approximately 32% or less for competing technologies. This allows for greater design freedom, and use of architectural colors such as bronze, black, brick red, and green.

CoreComposite window and door systems are specifically engineered to maximize whole system thermal and structural performance.  All Vitrius window and door systems featuring CoreComposite technology are Energy Star and Energy Star Most Efficient recognized, exceeding industry energy efficiency performance standards.  In terms of thermal conductivity (k-value) CoreComposite outperforms all other framing materials; achieving lower k-values that are 62% better than wood, 77% better than fiberglass, and 4500% better than hollow aluminum profiles. Lower k-value offers greater design flexibility and larger openings, to maximize whole unit insulation values. When coupled with Vitrius’ smart, dynamic R-Series glass, CoreComposite outperforms any other system in the market by blocking virtually all heat loss through the opening. The lower k-value also increases condensation resistance, eliminating moisture build up on the interior of the envelope thereby restricting fungal growth for a safer and healthier indoor environment.

Vitrius CoreComposite window and door systems also offer superior strength and integrity. Fully welded corner joinery gives CoreComposite better structural performance, while  improving air infiltration. This feature also makes fabrication easy and cost effective. CoreComposite profiles may also be bent for architectural shapes, and specialty configurations, thereby promoting unrestricted design possibilities.

CoreComposite systems are AAMA certified to achieve LC, C, and AW structural classifications depending on opening configurations, making this system a perfect fit for a multitude of building applications. In independent laboratory testing, CoreComposite measured 1.5 times stiffer than fiberglass, and 2.7 times stiffer than hollow PVC.  As measured by screw retention CoreComposite tested more secure than fiberglass, hollow aluminum, hollow PVC, and even solid wood.

Let CoreComposite provide the solution to your next project, and let Vitrius prove how We Are Changing the Way the World Views Windows.