Vitrius Technologies – Pioneering smart window and door systems, full of energy.

We are changing the way the world views windows.

Vitrius Technologies is a Pennsylvania based firm specializing in proprietary cutting edge window and door products for commercial, architectural, historic, and luxury applications. Our team leverages fifty years experience within the industry, and has established key strategic partnerships with some of the industry’s most well respected manufacturers, allowing us to offer solutions for any building design.

Our goal is to become a global market leader in the design and fabrication of the most energy efficient smart and dynamic fenestration systems.  Vitrius is committed to continued technological advancements in glazing and framing materials; offering building owners, architects, engineers, and developers the most advanced products which exceed industry performance standards and set the benchmark for others to follow.

While we are engaged in continuous product development, Vitrius remains mindful of the end user. We believe it is important for all innovations to be customer driven, field friendly, and economically sound. It is our hope that these on-going efforts accelerate the use of smart, dynamic window and door systems connecting buildings and users in ways that legacy systems simply cannot compete with.

With the use of Vitrius’ proprietary window and door systems you will never need to compromise your design again. Let us show you why we are changing the way the world views windows.